Code Orange – Forever Review

Code Orange – Forever
Released: 13/1/17
Label: Roadrunner Records

Code Orange are a hardcore band hailing from Pittsburgh, USA and they Friday 13th January Code Orange dropped what is technically their third studio album (the first being “Love Is Love // Return to Dust” in 2012 back when they were called Code Orange Kids) This is the highly anticipated follow up to 2014’s ‘I Am King’. Code Orange are that band that really just write whatever they want and their music is always progressing, you won’t ever hear them write the same thing for an album.

code-orangeThis is their debut LP’s with a major label, since they were picked up by Roadrunner Records back in April of 2016 this has only helped the grow and get their music scene by a larger audience, I guess you could say that they are that small hardcore band that made it to the big leagues which essentially as Roadrunner Records are a big and well respected label with a with notable bands such as Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Trivium just to name a few.

Now the opening and title track for the album ‘Forever’ just goes to show that this band haven’t really toned it down in the slightest and they still have that aggression which then carries on for the for the next couple of tracks, Jami Morgan vocals over these gut-retching instrumentals show that the band has still got it. The tracks ‘Bleeding In The Blur’ and ‘Ugly’ is a prime example off something i mentioned earlier about Code Orange writing what ever they want, the band so have a love for that 90’s grunge sound and for these tracks you can really see that influence comes into play, ‘Bleeding In The Blur’ and ‘dream2’ is a bit of vocal showcase for guitarist Reba Meyers’ showing off her cleans.

Songs such as ‘The Mud’ and ‘Hurt Goes On’ show how experimental the band are being with the use of old school electronics which is almost industrial sounding, but they don’t take over the album but it’s just one of those element Code Orange are trying to combine their music with a little. The way they close the album is with quite dark and sinister sounding piece with just guitar and Reba’s vocals, the track doesn’t even lead you out all the way it just simply just cuts out it really did leave me wanting more.

Now it is only January however I feel like we already have contender for one of the best albums of the year, this album is just full of solid instrumentals, loud and aggressive vocals and since the band formed in 2008 this album shows that they have no signs of slowing down.

You can go pick up ‘Code Orange – Forever’ from most major retailers and all digital platforms.
BUY NOW – iTunes – Amazon


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