Acres – In Sickness and Health EP Review

Acres – In Sickness And Health
Released: 24/2/17
Label: Dream Atlantic Records

14355172_1235261713182100_3203105787510791952_n.jpgAcres are a melodic hardcore group based in the South Coast of England and yesterday they dropped their third EP, ‘In Sickness and Health’. Released on Dream Atlantic Records, this EP is the first release with their new vocalist Ben Lumber.

Instantly in the first track ‘Overseer’ we shown that Acres have still got it as we are hit with such a heavy and quite dark sounding guitar riff followed by Ben’s aggressive vocals which I was personally afraid we would see less off because of Ben’s different vocal range because he can deliver great cleans, I thought the band would opt to have more cleans but it a good thing that they haven’t showing and the crossover between Ben’s cleans and screaming vocals.

Acres have one job on this EP, to make you feel this EP contains so much feels we in around 20 minutes you may come out of listening to this a sad person, they even have a reworked version of Miles Apart (the second track on the EP) titled Miles Apart (Sad Song Version), the songs on this deliver so much emotion and the fact that they’ve done this really show how real Acres are as a band. They have feelings and they are not afraid to show them to you.

In Sickness & Health is a prime example of how much their music has evolved, the songs on this are well crafted and if they can deliver this on 5 track EP I can only imagine a full length album could just open up some many doors for them from a creative perspective, saying that Acres knocked it out of the park with this one would be an understatement.

You can now purchase In Sickness and Health on all Digital Platforms and exclusively on vinyl here from Dream Atlantic Records 


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