Circa Waves – Different Creatures Review

Circa Waves – Different Creatures
Released: 10/3/17
Label: EMI Records

With some boots to fill in with their strong debut ‘Young Chasers’ Liverpool’s indie rockers Circa Waves return with their second studio full length album ‘Different Creatures’.

circa.jpgThis album sees the band take a different approach with their song writing instrumentally, Circa Waves have always been well a bit of a softer band which is by no means a bad thing the music isn’t really something thats all up in your face. However with this album we see the band having a some alternative rock influence if you look at tracks such as ‘Fire The Burns’, ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Goodbye’ then compare them to some of the tracks form Young Chasers it’s like night and day.

The album does see a couple softer numbers as well tracks such as ‘Loves Run Out’ and ‘Old Friends’, Loves Run Out especially sees a track completely stripped back with Keiran Shuddhall (frontman) and an acoustic guitar that is really where the drop in the album takes place.

Different Creatures shows us that Circa Waves aren’t afraid to spice things up a little bit with this change in sound, it shows the band maturing in their songwriting but theres still some room for improvement. With that being said if they continue at this rate they can only continue to improve.


You can pick up the album on CD, Vinyl and even Cassette here. Circa Waves will be doing a few UK dates in support of the new album in March and April.15304398_1182465961808089_3025539324681737920_o

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