Decade @ The Cookie, Leicester (4/3/17)

Decade – The Cookie, Leicester
Support from – Wallflower and Big Spring

Some of us had the pleasure of seeing Decade on the Leicester date of their UK tour at The Cookie, along with some other great bands.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_355The first support personally was main highlight of the night, Wallflower had a nice alternative rock sound going on. We hadn’t listened to any of their music beforehand so we had no idea what to expect but it’s safe to say that we were more than impressed, There wasn’t a single song in their set we didn’t enjoy. The stage was flooded with all the gear of all the bands playing that night so there wasn’t really much room for movement on the stage for them, but regardless their music really spoke for itself. The songs that really stuck out the most for me were Sleep Forever and Inside Out. If you get the chance to see these guys live we recommend that you do, they also had tapes for sale at their merch table and that was another reason to give them our money.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_357Up next we had Big Spring keeping up with the theme of alternative rock bands on the night, these guys delivered a great performance and just like Wallflower we had no idea what to expect from them. I like these guys because they were quite different to Wallflower during their set there were definitely some grunge influences within their music, that with some of the solos in the songs they were actually pretty good. I recommend you go and check out the track Buzzards Leave the Bones‘, that was the one that really stood out during their set. Out of all the bands that night Big Spring were by far the heaviest band there. Theres always that one band at the gig who bring that massive sound and Big Spring were that band.

Now for your featured act of the evening Decade. These guys are doing this tour in support of their latest studio album Pleasantries which is available now. It was great hearing most of the new tracks live considering how different their new stuff is the band still managed to fit in some of the older fan favourites in the set such as Brainfreeze, British Weather and more, it was quite funny as they would plug their new album then play older songs straight after.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_35b.jpgAs mentioned earlier the stage before was packed with all the bands gear that night but after each band played there would be less of a mess so when Decade came on there was room for them to move around and be more energetic. Vocalist Alex Sears can really pull it off live with their live sound matching up to what you’ll hear on the album but with the atmosphere of live music I’d have to give the push towards hearing him sing live.

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