The Magic Gang – EP Three Review

The Magic Gang – EP Three
Released: 24/3/17
Label: Yala Records

The Magic Gang dropped their third EP yesterday and it’s just happiness all round.

For those who don’t know The Magic Gang, they are four piece indie rock group coming out of Brighton and one of the best upcoming bands on the indie music scene right now.

magic-gang.jpgThis release contains four tracks, and features the single ‘How Can I Complete’ which we featured on Crowded’s Top Tracks. The opening track ‘Hotel Apathy’ is one of their more funky tracks on the EP layered with Jack Kaye’s (vocalist/guitarist) soft vocals, and is a nice opener which sets gives a great first impression not just for the EP, but the band in general if you are listening to them for the first time.

The next track ‘How Can I Complete’ is probably the best tracks on this release and we can see why this was the lead single for this EP, it really has a nice groove to it and not to mention the chorus is catchy as hell.

‘No One Else’ is that part of the EP where it takes a bit of a drop I would label this as one of more calmer tracks on the EP. a lot of people have compared these guys to Weezer and I can definitely see that influence in this track.

‘Life Without You’ is a nice acoustic track that is a great closer for the EP, the track feels like a build to what is the end of a great set of tracks, it has some of the best vocal harmonies that the band have ever done.

Having released two other EP’s prior to this release the band show no signs of slowing down, and each release they’ve done has been different to the last, their music is constantly evolving and we can only hope that we will get a full length album release from them.


The Magic Gang are currently on tour with Circa Waves and will be heading out on a headlining tour during April and May, be sure to check them out.

EP Three is now available from all digital retailers and 12″ Vinyl available from Rough Trade.

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