Lotus Eater – Lotus Eater EP Review

Lotus Eater – Lotus Eater EP
Label: Self Released
Released: 24/3/17

Right from the start of this EP the band are already hyping up these brutal tracks, in the opening track ‘Gloom’ we hear this screeching sound before the track actually kicks in and what follows is chugged and heavy mess, which is then followed by insane guttural vocals. Opening with this track was a great choice because it helps you get an idea of the type heavy groove you are about to indulge in.

Following into the next track Crooked this appears to be the most personal track lyrically with various themes such as depression and suicide but still has a great chubby guitar riff that then leads into Kin which is a right kick in the face its chaotic and has the most groove at the same time plus it has a killer breakdown. Dead To Me is probably the best track on this thing and if you don’t want to listen to this EP front to back straight away you should at least give this track ago, this is also the track where we are introduced to some clean vocals. The last two tracks ‘Subvert and Attain’ and ‘Weathered Canvas’ is some of the most melodic tracks on the EP and goes along with the theme of introducing the clean vocals

It’s dark, it’s heavy and definitely worth 22 minutes of your time, for fans of the new Emmure material and bands like Loathe you should really be listening to these guys, and on a side note this EP was in fact recorded by Loathe guitarist Erik Bickerstaffe.


Check out the stream below:

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