Black Honey – O2 Academy 2, Leicester 29/3/17

Black Honey – o2 Academy 2 Leicester
Support From – Superego and FREAK

Yesterday we had the honour of seeing Brighton’s finest in the form of Black Honey, find out below what we were treated to last night.

The first band that night were Superego, I had no idea what to expect from these guys they didn’t really have much online to listen to so this show was basically my first impression of them and they didn’t disappoint. They had a sound which in-between heavy and chilled almost like stoner rock or psychedelia it was music you could just sway or move your head to. Being the first band on there is quite a bit of pressure having to hype up the crowd and get them ready for the rest of the evening but the audience here really seemed to get along their music they had a great reaction and not just some dead clapping. I’ll be very excited to hear more recorded music from these guys in the future and show the world what they have to offer.


Our next act of the evening was the band FREAK, they are a three piece heavy alternative rock band from Essex. These guys really had it in then the most energetic band of the night an absolute riff-fest with songs such as ‘I Like To Smile When I’m Sad’. A great sound they were producing up on stage I could really sense some grunge influences from bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden, but really with a modern twist they didn’t sound like they were copying those bands.


The some of crowd really seemed to resonate with these guys but it felt like they didn’t have everyones attention, then during their set they had a turning point. The band had a cover in their arsenal not just any old cover, it was a Brittany Spears cover, the song Toxic and it was actually really good, it caught everyones eye, plus with it being a song that everyones knows in general for people who aren’t a fan of the band or just didn’t know who they were it gave them the chance to sing along and join in on the hype.

Now for the main event Black Honey had a massive lighting rig with their logo flashing right in front of everyone it looked absolutely stunning, with everyone all tuned up and ready to go Black Honey opened strong with the track ‘Madonna’, one of their leading singles. It was the start of many big sing alongs that were to come.

IMG_0069.jpgThe band played also played their new single ‘Somebody Better’ and even better they also played the B-side from that single ‘Cadillac’ but with a twist we were treated to an amazing acoustic rendition of the track featuring with only Izzy and guitarists Chris on stage then things kicked off again when they played ‘Mothership’ followed by ‘Spinning Wheel’ which was one of the highlights featuring Izzy going nuts at the start doing the scream before the main riff starts. Then to end it all the crowd had one massive sing-along to one of Black Honey’s most popular tracks ‘Corrine’ which was probably one of the best songs to bring the night to a close.


Izzy had a bit a of a weird stage presence she could be really wild for one song then the next she could be freaky portray an intimidating image, she was pitch perfect during the set there wasn’t a single moment during the set when I thought the band sounded a bit ‘odd’, women of rock need to pay attention to Izzy Philips she he so much charisma, so much talent and she can definitely work a crowd.

If you ever get the opportunity in your lifetime to see these guys live, we advise you to do so.

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