Yr Poetry – One Night Alive Review


Yr Poetry – One Night Alive
Label: Self Released
Released: 3/4/17

A bit of background before we get into this review Yr Poetry is a pop punk/emo duo from Birmingham and is the side project from Alexei Berrow and ‘Junior’ Elvis Washington Laidley who also play in the band Jonny Foreigner.

This EP is full of hooks, sing-alongs and just some all round great rock tunes. Alexei’s vocals on this album are great they have that perfectly suited to this style of music and has a nice charm to them. I also need to take a moment in this review to complement the drumming in these songs as well specifically in ‘what the world needs now is a new guitar hero’ this contains many drum fills it makes the song feel like theres so much going on.

One Night Alive has such a calm ending with the track ‘it’s all there’, it just has Alexei and a piano singing about feelings, with a small theatrical rock ending and still has a hook with the line “I just think my friends deserve better” so simple, yet so effective

It feels like One Night Alive gives off this DIY punk rock vibe and not only is it the songs but the production of it as well, you would think this would sound like demos at times but really good quality ones and that is not a bad thing by far in this case that just gives it more charm.


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