Blaenavon – Thats Your Lot Review

Blaenavon – Thats Your Lot
Label: 7/4/17
Released: Transgressive Records

After five years of grinding on the music scene Blaenavon have catched so much momentum and after a few singles and EP’s this is the moment what the boys have been preparing for. “That’s Your Lot” was written when front man Ben Gregory was just 16 and with what the band have produced you’d find it had to believe that these guys have just hit their twenties.

This include the singles ‘Let’s Pray’ and ‘Orthodox Man’ which have great hooks that’ll have you singing along by the second chorus. This album is a long one and just over 2 minutes away from hitting the one hour mark, this an album that should really be listened to from back to front as there is plenty of hidden gems on this thing which is great as it forces the listener to listen to the whole thing, its got a few anthems hidden away just listen to the tracks ‘Alice Come Home’, ‘I Will Be the World’ and ‘Prague 99′ they have that similar structure where they build up into these great riffs when the songs kick in.

When you listen to this you would not believe some of this was written when these guys where in their teenage years it is actually quite mind blowing especially when you listen to the almost 8 minute long masterpiece that is ‘Swans’ which would’ve have been a best way to close off this album, granted it is second to last but the title track ‘That’s Your Lot’ the album ends on does not follow up to that, it just felt like it was a little bit anti-climatic.

This album has got great riffs, great hooks and shows off some excellent songwriting abilities, going back listening to Blaenavon’s past works you can really see the progression of the band’s song writing some of this was written when they were just 16 and they can only get better from here.


You can pick the album That’s Your Lot here on 7th April.

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