While She Sleeps – You Are We Review

While She Sleeps – You Are We
Label: Self Released
Release: 21/4/17

While She Sleeps – You Are We Review

While She Sleeps return with their best piece of work to date, You Are We.

The opening track happens to be the title track of the album, they released You Are We as a single and having that nice, mellow acoustic intro to the track instantly switches when Loz Taylor’s gritty vocal straight into a melodic guitar riff which when you hear, you can instantly tell it is a While She Sleeps track.

Half way into the album we receive a special guest vocal spot from Bring Me The Horizon’s Oliver Sykes on the track Silence Speaks. This would be the track that we would show someone to get them into this band, it is one of their more melodic tracks however it has that heavy charm with it as well. Giving the new direction BMTH took with their last album this track also is a bit of a showcase for Oli Sykes as well, it really one of his best vocal spots he has done and shows that he’s still got it.

Revolt is a another stand out track on this album, it is just so chaotic and is the shortest track on the album clocking in just under 4 minutes, this song just has a lot going on during it and is the song to mosh to.

You want hooks? Say no more. While She Sleeps really do pull out all the stops most notably the track Hurricane, one of the first singles they put out for the album, this will definitely be one of the big singalong’s when performed live. This album lyrically does touch on some political issues and the track Civil Isolation is where this is more than noticeable.

On this album guitarist Mat Welsh’s voice is really pushed a lot, he has a lot more clean parts on this album, compared to their previous releases. This album feels a lot more radio friendly than say This Is The Six, however this is one of those very rare cases where it is not a bad thing as all the they still maintain that sound which make them While She Sleeps.

While She Sleeps took a massive gamble with this album choosing to release it independently and changing their sound up a little bit and well, it is very safe to say that it has paid off. We can say with full confidence that this album is going to be hard to beat as far as heavy music goes this year.


You can order the album from their Pledgemusic page here.

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