In Hearts Wake – Ark Review

In Hearts Wake – Ark
Label: UNFD
Released: 27/5/17

In Hearts Wake are no strangers to having a concept to their music, 2015’s Earthwalker and Skydancer albums showed that the band could write great tunes and could also tell a story and Ark is no exception. The concept of Ark explores how water can unite, divide and define us in many different ways.

Tracks such as Passage, Normad and Flow that instantly hit you with these heavy riffs show that the band can still make heavy riffs but they do still feel quite repetitive at times. One thing noticeable on this album is the catchy choruses these guys can write hooks its songs like Normal, Frequency, Waterborne and Arrow that I feel will win over audiences when performed live they just have great sing along vibe to them.

Vocally on this album the band really seem to be pushing the cleans from bassist Kyle Erich, it’s great to hear him push himself vocally on this album however in comparison to Earthwalker and Skydancer the vocal performance from Jake Taylor on Ark didn’t really meet some of my expectations it wasn’t that they were bad but they were just far better on the pervious albums.

It was a tough one for In Hearts Wake to follow up from Earthwalker and Skydancer, however they have knocked it out the park with this release showing that they still have that originality that makes them stick out amongst other bands within metalcore and one of the best things to come out of Australia.


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