’68 – Two Parts Viper Review

’68 – Two Parts Viper
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Released: 2/6/17


Eventually We All Win is the track that introduces the record, it builds up and prepares us for the intensity that is about to come our way for the rest of this record. Josh Scogin has one of them signature harsh voices where you know it’s him singing and this album shows the ’68 have there own signature sound where you’ll struggle to find bands to compare them with.

Songs like ‘This Life Is Old, New, Borrowed And Blue’ and ‘No Apologies’ have a nice groove to them, there are sections in songs like these that just flow really well. The chemistry that Josh Scogin and Michael McClellan have is insane, you couldn’t just make up a duo like these guys Josh’s Vocals wether they are heavy or soft combine with his guitar playing and Michael’s frantic drum grooves and fills is absolute perfection and together these two manage to produce a sound that bands with four or five members could only dream of doing.

The production on this album is amazing Josh like to experiment with various different guitar effects and pedals and even with some of this heavy production the one thing we love about ’68 is their ability to pull off this sound live in a way that many bands can’t live up to as the In Humour and Sadness album cycle showed, If you’ve ever seen ’68 support a band you better believe they were the ones that stole the show that night, we cannot wait to see how the tracks from Two Parts Viper are going to sound live.

If I could sum this album up I would say it is a step up from there first album In Humour and Sadness, organised chaos. Compared to the last album Two Parts Viper has a lot more melody to it and more organised song structures meanwhile still having so much happening within the songs. ’68 have shown us time and time again it only takes two to sound big and Two Part Viper is just more evidence to support this.


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