Hundredth – Rare Review

Hundredth – Rare
Label: Hopeless Records
Released: 16/6/17


For those who are reading this and aren’t very familiar with this band, Hundredth are a four piece melodic hardcore band from South Carolina who have been around since 2008. The band have clearly stated how they don’t want to continue making the same old heavy record for each album cycle and so the change in sound is a big one. This record they have opted for a sound that is along the lines of ambient, emo, alternative rock and shoegaze. This is definitely a big change from 2015’s Free.

Tracks like Vertigo and Suffer with their amazing melodies not just vocally but mainly with the guitars, some there are some great lead guitar hooks and in away that is an area of the melodic hardcore genre that they are taking influence from in this new record. Disarray is probably the heaviest track on this album, intro has this great drum roll build up and leads to what we personally feel is the best riff on the album.

There is no screaming on this album from vocalist Chadwick Johnson and this is the first time we get to hear his clean vocals and this record shows that he does in fact have a great voice and combined with the reverb and other ambient elements it is a perfect fit for this genre.

If you really like this new sound that Hundredth have gone for we highly recommend you check out a band called ‘Jaws‘.

2017 shows a new chapter for the band and that can be said with every album for any band, however for Hundredth 2017 shows change, comparing Rare to anything else in their back catalogue is like Night and Day. Understandably we can see why people would be put off by this new sound because it may not be everyones cup of tea but these guys have managed to pull it off. Hundredth have probably dropped one of the best indie rock albums this year however in the process they’ve also show that they haven’t gone completely soft on us.


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