Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7 Review

Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7
Label:  Fearless Records
Released: 14/7/17

Fearless Records return with the seventh instalment of their Punk Goes Pop series, although the bands in this aren’t exactly punk, Metalcore Goes Pop doesn’t have that nice ring to it.

One dig I have to make about about the Punk Goes Pop series is that when bands don’t reach their fully potential, it feels like they will go in the studio cover the song, play it note for note, hit record and be done, some of these songs need a bigger twist to make them stand out and if they don’t there is really no point of listening to a cover just go and listen to the original, this can be said for most of the songs on this.

This is what most of the songs on this one feel like now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t just blow off the ‘Punk Goes’ series altogether as you will find some hidden gems. Dance Gavin Dance do a great job on Bruno Mars’ Thats What I Like, the vocals on this great and some great guitar licks layered within the chorus.

Andy Black and Juliet Simms really make an effort with their cover of Adele’s When We Were Young turning this ballad into a duet the pair really seem to bounce of each other really well. Capsize with their cover of Drake’s Fake Love and Boston Manor’s cover of Heathens by Twenty One Pilots are also definitely worth checking out.

We have to give some credit where credit is due with Vol 7 some great songs on this yes but it does feel like every time Fearless Records puts one of these out, it is just another cash grab that they can pull out at the click of their fingers.


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