Cursed Earth – Cycles of Grief, Vol. 1: Growth Review

PSeqkSFT0okCursed Earth – Cycles of Grief, Vol. 1: Growth
Released: 4/8/17
Label: UNFD

Proving again why some of the best heavy bands come out of Australia, the 5 piece Hardcore outfit Cursed Earth have released what seems to be the first what seems to be a series of EP’s.

Cycles of Grief Vol 1 features five tracks and clocks in at almost 10 minutes, and it is just violent. When the track ‘Broken’ begins, that really your first proper look on what is to come when listening to this EP powerful riffs, breakdowns that could hospitalise you and soaring vocals that will have you on the edge of your seat.

If I did have one dig at this release, I’d say that it has even greater potential this is really an EP that does feel like a part of something that could have been much more this is content that should really make on a full length release. This is a band that still have managed to deliver so much aggressiveness in the space of 10 minutes is completely mad, if the energy is like this on a recording it just makes me curious on what an earth a live setting would be like, just absolute chaos.

Cursed Earth have only been around for a couple of years bursting on the scene back in 2014, but  with Cycles of Grief, Vol. 1: Growth, they have just proven why they are the ones to watch in 2017 so do not miss out on these guys who are showing us why they are one of the best hardcore acts around right now, it can only get better from this point.


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