Dead! – The Shed, Leicester (7/8/17)

Dead! @ The Shed, Leicester

Support from Airways, The World Can Wait, and We Give In

We had the pleasure of seeing Dead! the other night when they hit up Leicester for an intimate sold out show in small venue, four bands on this bill in a 80 cap venue, it got wild.

First on the night we had We Give In, a new local band who have literally just arrived on the music scene this was in fact their first ever gig and what a bill to be put on and luckily for these guys they opened up the show to a packed out room which was not only great for them obviously but for the local music scene as a whole, it was great to see people coming down early to watch the local support acts showing their support for them.


Now with We Give In if I could sum them up in a small sentence it would be, Pop Punk flipped upside down. Their sound was similar to the more modern pop-punk style but it felt they were pushing more to the actual punk element of if I could pin point bands they sound like it would be along the lines of Boston Manor, PUP and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnake, and speaking of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes the band also slipped in a cheeky cover of one of their tracks.

For their first gig we were quite impressed with We Give In, not only with their music but their presence as well being quite energetic with one guitarists even heading down in the middle of the audience and even giving away their own DIY t-shirts for free, we look forward to seeing them again. Wanna give them a listen? They dropped a single/demo which you can download for free on their bandcamp, this is one of their slower songs.

Photo Credit: Corrine Rowell

Up Next we had The World Can Wait another local band from the Leicester area, these guys are originally a four piece but for tonight they were one man down and the show still had to go on regardless. These guys were interesting to say the least, they had a lot of variety in their songs and you could tell they were influenced by many different styles of music and even one track had some blues vibes to it which is great to see. There were some pretty good riffs that came out of these lot but I felt these guys were lacking the presence on stage a little bit, its great having the songs but if are gonna play them live there needs to be something extra in there just for the live experience.

Photo Credit: Corrine Rowell

Airways was probably the softest band on the bill, in the sense that they were the least heaviest which was no exactly a bad thing, it was nice when this band came on as they took things down little bit, Having Airways on this bill added a bit of music diversity on the night. These guys are the main tour support for Dead! on this run of show, this was our first time seeing Airways and I would definitely put these guys in the indie rock category, they brought a good vibe to their set the songs they had were really something you can dance too and really had the crowded engaged. These guys have been playing some crazy shows recently so if you get the chance see them whilst you can in these smaller intimate venues because you never know it might be the last.

Photo Credit: Corrine Rowell

Finally we had tonight’s main event representing the Damned Restless Future, we present Dead!. Straight away this band were ready to up and about moving opening up with the track Something More Original, over the next 15 minutes we were just hit with all these great rock tunes and crazy energy on stage. Four songs later things were toned down a bit the band got a bit soft when they played Alaska which had the crowded swaying along and this track played live in this kind of setting just fit perfectly to the vibe of the gig and after that the crowded were in for a treat when they played a new track one thats not even been released yet titled, Jessica, this was another one of their more calmer songs.

After that little break the band were right back at it again with a cover now for those who have seen Dead! before know they do like to slip in that odd cover but this was a new one they’d learned and it was intact Song 2 by Blur, this could not have been more of a perfect cover for these guys this song is one of them classic rock anthems and Dead! did this cover justice and in may opinion probably better than the original it.

Photo Credit: Corrine Rowell

With the set almost coming to a close that energy just kept on flowing when the played Enough, Enough, Enough, Sam Matlock’s guitar solo involved him climbing on to the drum kit whilst shredding, and finally we come to a close with the track You’re So Cheap which has many people banging their heads and dancing around it was a good track to close the set on… so we thought. As soon as they walked of the little platform stage the crowd demanded one more song with Alex saying they never get asked to do encores so they’ve played most of their songs what, would they play another one again? No they came back with a cover with their own twist on the legendary The Who track My Generation which the guys smashed as they gave the song a whole new vibe.

In such a small venue, Dead! still managed to pull off a massive performance and prove that there are literally no limitations to putting on a big rock show, not only do they have the right music for it but also the right attitude to go along with it. Probably one of our favourite shows of the year.

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