Neck Deep – The Peace And The Panic Review

Neck Deep – The Peace and The Panic
Label: Hopeless Records
Released: 17/8/17

With their highly anticipated follow up to their breakthrough album, 2015’s  ‘Life’s Not Out To Get You’, Neck Deep are back and better than ever with their new studio effort ‘The Peace And The Panic’.

This album shows Neck Deep change up their traditional Pop Punk style pushing a little bit of a more alternative sound, there isn’t really an intro to this album the opening track Motion Sickness immediately punches in. The tracks Parachute and In Bloom really show the progression Neck Deep have made with their songwriting and it feels they have made a small progression with the Pop Punk genre as a whole, these tracks bring a bit more of a ‘poppy’ feel to them In Bloom especially.

Half way though the album we are hit with a massive style change and quite possibly the best track on the album in the form of Don’t Wait. It brings a whole new vibe to the album it’s goes for a for heavier alternative sound then we get treated to a massive guest vocal spot from the one and only Sam Carter from Architects and he doesn’t go soft on this one, you almost forget in that last minute of the song you are in fact listening to Neck Deep.

The track Wish You Were Here is the part in a Neck Deep record where they bust out the acoustic guitars and the track itself is pretty decent but it almost feels like December part 2, which was on the previous album. Followed after that is the track 19 Seventy Sumthin’ which is quite a emotional track in which vocalist Ben Barlow sings about his late father, it is really such a moving tribute.

Bringing the album to a close is one of the lead singles Where Do We Go When We Go, which brings a more positive atmosphere to the album therefore making a great way to end the album on a more positive note.

Overall I feel this album has made Neck Deep transcend the Pop Punk genre taking influence from many alternative styles meanwhile maintaining their Pop Punk roots as it were. The Peace And The Panic is a massive step up from Life’s Not Out To Get You and it shows that the band are heading in the right direction.


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