Wallflower – Where It Fell Apart Review

a2097020385_10Wallflower –  Where It Fell Apart
Self Released
Released: 18/8/17

A small introduction to Wallflower, Wallflower are a five piece Alternative rock outfit from London, they released their first EP Summer Daze back in 2014 and since then have released two more singles (Sleep Forever and Has Eu Quereo Mais), they have been making waves in the touring circuit getting on some big festival slots and supports on tours. We’ve been waiting for new music from these guys ever since we caught them supporting Decade earlier this year, we were very impressed, They are now back with their second EP ‘Where It Fell Apart’.

The opening track Lilith has a very mellow vibe to begin with, it really is a good opener it the first half of it really has a nice groove then half way is where we see that grunge influence when the track kicks in when the distorted guitars enter it becomes more of a rock track.

Splintered’, the lead single of this release, one of the more darker tracks on the EP and features a great riff, followed after that is ‘My Words (borrowed)’ and ‘Seventeen’ which I feel are the tracks that best sums up this band it is more reminiscent of their pervious material but more improved, these are some of the best crafted tracks on the EP it has quite a lot going on within it.

Wallflower’s latest studio efforts Where It Fell Apart is a great blend of alternative rock, grunge, and emo, and this is definitely worth 16 minutes of your time.


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