Being as an Ocean – Waiting For Morning To Come Review

1400x0w.jpgBeing as an Ocean – Waiting For Morning To Come
Released: 8/9/17
Label: Self Released

Being As An Ocean have released their new album Waiting For Morning To Come and at this point in the band’s career this is a very important album for them. The album was originally meant to be released on June 9th but months went by and still no album, the band announced they were splitting with their label Equal Vision Records and still no word from the band or Equal Vision Records about the album then after buying the rights to their album they decided to self release it making them an independent band.

Waiting For Morning To Come is a very bold album just because how different it is to their older material, they have really started to push a more experimental sound but at the same time still sticking to their melodic hardcore roots, pushing whole melodic side a lot further. The track Thorns feels like a cinematic, dark masterpiece and is probably my favourite delivery from vocalist Joel Quartuccio, it is by far the most aggressive he sounds on this record. Other tracks like Glow and Ok feel like very well structured songs on this album the instrumentals are very well crafted.

Love interludes? Well this album is full of them, the album even starts off with one in the form of ‘Pink & Red’ a soft piano piece that then leads into the track ‘Black & Blue’. One problem i do have with this album is the fact that Being As An Ocean have all these great songs but theres just not enough of them on here its good having fillers/interludes in an album but on this 14 track album, 6 of those 14 tracks are interlude pieces and thats almost half of the album.

Overall I do feel that this change in sound that BAAO have does feel like the right direction they are heading in, with this release it really is something that is intended to be listened to all the way through in order to make full sense to someone who hasn’t really listened to this band before, in simpler terms it’s not an album meant to be listened to on shuffle.

If you are just getting into BAAO I’d personally recommend you start off listening to something such as Dear G-D or their self-titled album, with this being said BAAO still managed to lay down some of our favourite tracks to come out this year.


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