Inheaven – Inheaven Review

COOP009LP_3000pxl_RGB_PACKSHOT_120516601_219116051.jpgInheaven – Inheaven
Released: 1/9/17
Label: PIAS

After bursting on to the indie scene in 2015 and multiple singles under their belt, Inheaven have finally dropped their debut album.

2015 saw this band release their debut single ‘Regeneration’ after catching the attention of The Stroke’s very own Julian Casablancas and releasing said single on his label Cult Records. The past two years we have seen this band skyrocket to the top of their game, continuously raising the bar and single after single the band proved time and time again that they weren’t a fluke.

If you’ve heard the singles by this band you will be very familiar with what this album is like, tracks such as Treats and World on Fire are probably the best riffs on this album these are the tracks that really do feel anthem worthy and are the strongest tracks vocally from bassist Chloe Little.

This album is full of indie rock bangers tracks like Regeneration which is two years old at this point however it still hold up to a great standard, this track is the big sing along tune on the album  it’s the one with that hook. The full length has really shown off a more softer side to the band with tracks such as Velvet, Drift, All There Is and Do You Dream, these points in the album almost feel like breaks from punchy rock riffs on these songs.

I feel that at this point Inheaven haven’t really stuck with a specific sound to define them at this point but it does show how diverse the band can be. If I were to try and put these guys into a specific category though I’d say that they are progression of the classic ‘grunge’ sound it’s a direction which sounds a lot more modern, they are picking up where bands like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam left off.

After all the hype around these guys and anticipation of this full length Inheaven managed to deliver the goods with this release, a real solid album.



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