Cursed Earth – Cycles of Grief, Vol. 2: Decay Review

g2g0sApM4FECursed Earth – Cycles of Grief, Vol. 2: Decay
Released: 22/9/17
Label: UNFD

Australia is no stranger to heavy music but one Hardcore band has recently been catching our attention this year just dropped a second EP this year, we present Cursed Earth.

Cycles of Grief, Vol 2 is punishing a 6 track release packed full of violent riffs and relentless vocal power from vocalist Jazmine Luders, I would say she has one of the best female vocalists in the hardcore scene right now but the would be a bit of an understatement, the vocal ability of Jasmine is absolutely insane.

One after the other each track on this EP just keep on getting so much more momentum from the first track ‘Regression’ it immediately hits you and shows that this band don’t mess around. Personally the smaller tracks on the EP like ‘Regression’, ‘Regret’ and ‘Exhausted’ seem to be some of my favourite as it just feels like theres so much coming out of them in such a short space of time and thats the charm of them.

The band close this release on the track Eternal, and to be honest this is the most laid back track on the EP, it feels like it closes on a more relaxed note as it gives off some Doom metal vibes, it is probably the least heaviest tracks but at the same time probably the darkest sounding and the clean vocals in the track really do remind of Code Orange’s Reba Mayers’ cleans.

Cursed Earth have really got us paying attention to them with this follow up to Vol. 1 EP, It is seriously on par with that release which we loved, Cursed Earth are just another reason why 2017 has been a good year for hardcore.


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