Sleeping With Sirens – Gossip Review


Sleeping With Sirens – Gossip
Released: 22/9/18
Label: Warner Bros.

Sleeping With Sirens have now released their fifth studio album, Gossip, and we’re not really that sold on this new change. This album was meant to come off as a bold statement from the band being their most different and most personal album to date but in all honesty, it just comes across as boring.

Bands that go and switch to a massive change in sound is something everyone is used to by now and there becomes two types of bands, the ones that pull off the change and those who don’t and I have to say that Sleeping with Sirens haven’t really pulled it off.  The band in the past have managed to write good and memorable hooks but I think this album is really lacking them and the lyrical content as a whole is something I was very unimpressed with.

Credit is given where credit is due and because the overall result of the album wasn’t the greatest it doesn’t mean that each track is completely terrible, the tracks ‘Empire to Ashes’, ’The Chase’ and ‘Closer’ are a few that are worth checking out on the album, these are the tracks that have do have a couple elements of the bands older material sprinkled in them and I guess that’s what is saves the tracks.

Since their album Feel which was released back in 2013 the bands have slowly been trying to bring this change in sound and they were going at quite a steady pace, and not sacrificing the quality too much but this album maybe a turning point for Sleeping With Sirens fans, there was not much to this album to be honest and I feel it is probably the biggest flop in the bands career. I’ll be surprised if this album wins over new fans as I don’t think it is one for old ones, if you are a fan of the ‘With Ears to See…’ and ‘If You Were a Movie..’ era this new album may not be your cup of tea.
This album is the part of the bands career where they are no longer classed as ‘rock band’ personally if the band continue to take this direction it may not come out with the best results so we can only hope we are proven wrong.


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