Airways – Starting To Spin Review

1085971ba6e68712c509ff46b8fbc5d8.768x768x1Airways – Starting To Spin
Self Released
Released: 19/5/17

We saw Airways back in August when they were out on the road with Dead!, and we were quite impressed and boys have an EP that dropped back in May.

Airways are a four piece indie rock outfit from Birmingham that have gained a quite a lot of attention recently touring with the likes of The Hunna, Dead! and Nothing But Thieves on top of this the band have even started to branch out to America.

‘Starting To Spin’ opens up with the track ‘One Foot’ a slow track but it’s still something you’ll find yourself dancing too, the simplicity of just the bass and drums in the verses give the track a real nice groove to it but these verse are a just a build up to a big chorus which still runs at the same pace but feels a lot bigger with the riff over it, this is the track that get you hooked on what is to come. That then takes us to the track ‘White Noise Boys’ is the track on this release that is a real sing along tune, this EP has a got a couple of catchy hooks but I this is the one that gets people dancing and singing along live.

The track ‘Reckless Tongue’ is more punk sounding than indie, they’ve managed to pull off what is essentially a punk rock tune without all the anger, but the verses still have that nice groove and it becomes more apparent that these tight grooves are a key to this bands sound. The title track ‘Starting to Spin’ is the kind of weird, experimental track due to the use of synths but then leads into this big chorus riff which doesn’t really last long which is a shame but when that section of the song hit it does feel massive.

The EP closes with the track ‘Mate’ and this was the track on this release that didn’t really stick with me that much it’s not a bad song as it’s got a great rock chorus and some more weird synth stuff going on but theres just something about this track on the EP that didn’t fully resonate with me that much.

A strong debut from this band, Airways have managed to deliver a solid debut with ‘Starting To Spin’ they’ve got a great set of tracks and have different elements to their music will can impress a bunch of different audiences.


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