Easy Life – There Can’t Be This Much Water In The Sky Review

a4018625863_10Easy Life – There Can’t Be This Much Water In The Sky
Released: 29/9/17
Label: UNFD

One of UNFD’s new signings have just dropped a brand new EP, we present Easy Life with their EP, ‘There Can’t Be This Much Water In The Sky’. These guys are a melodic hardcore outfit that hail from Australia,  we’ve briefly covered this band before when they got signed to the label and released the single I’m Fading Away, and we were very impressed.

The opening track ‘Light Me Up’ wastes no time in capturing your attention, it great track to set the tone for the rest of the EP, this track has got a certain spark to it and one thing I liked about this track with the vocals specifically you can sense how raw and honest the track is from the screaming in the verses to the cleans in the melodic choruses. The same thing can be said about the track after ‘I’m Fading Away’, with this track however it’s probably the most melodic which pushes the band into that melodic hardcore category.

The track 21 would probably that one track on the release that I would end up forgetting about, I feel like out of the four this is the track that feels the most dead theres not much on it that really engages me but with that being said though it is also the most fast pace track on the EP that sort of hardcore element of the track is a perfect building point for the final track on the EP.

The EP closes on the track ‘I’ll Leave You Behind’ which is the longest track on the EP and it is quite lengthy clocking in under 7 minutes and this is the track that puts the really pushes on more of the hardcore elements, I’d recommend this track to someone that is really into the more heavy areas of hardcore/melodic hardcore. The track isn’t completely like a hardcore track throughout, half way through there is quite a softer section then it will kick back into action and make you want to bang your head again. The track is worth sticking around for especially at the end with a small sample from Shia LaBeouf.

I feel like with this release Easy Life are still trying to experiment and try and find a signature sound they are going for, which is still great because this EP show how capable the band are being very melodic on one track and making you want to spin kick some in the next. I’m very interested to see what they do next it’ll be a while away but it’s something to still look forward to.


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