Canvas – Worry Review

a1360090026_10Canvas – Worry
Label: Basick Records
Released: 6/10/17

For those who aren’t aware of Canvas they are a five piece ‘post-hardcore’ outfit from the UK and have been around on the music scene since 2015, within these 2 years the band have been building there name within this music scene by releasing great tunes and playing to as many people as they can they’ve played the local venues/clubs around the UK to peoples houses in Europe. If theres any opportunity that these guys get to put on a great performance and help reach a new audience you better believe they’ll take it and now the boys have dropped their debut album, Worry via Basick Records.

‘Worry’ clocks in at around 35 minutes and within that time the album shows how much the ‘post-hardcore’ genre has progressed as a whole meanwhile blending this sound with melodic hardcore elements. The album opens up with the most soft track on here ‘Stay a While’ and it really does feel like one of those filler tracks that appears half way during an album almost like what an interlude does so personally I felt it was strange that the albums started with it, the track then leads into ‘Low’ which is really the track that actually sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The vocals delivered by vocalist Ricky Clark are quite powerful when listening to his screams on this album you can really see how much he is pushing his voice delivering his emotional and heartfelt lyrics with such passion, tracks like ‘Hospital Beds’ and ‘Loveless’ are great examples of this. This is definitely an album that really touches on personal issues and is really a coming of age record.

Overall I feel ‘Worry’ is an album which shows great songwriting abilities from the band from the instrumentals to the lyrics, and features a set of tracks which really do define what this band are all about.


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