Hotel Books – Equivalency Review


Hotel Books – Equivalency
Label: InVogue Records
Released: 27/10/18

Hotel Books are back with a brand new album following up last years Run Wild, Stay Alive this is Equivalency. For those who don’t know who aren’t aware Hotel Books is the a project from spoken word poet Cameron Smith who with his band uses his poetry along with a modern emo/post hardcore sound.

Cameron Smith every time manages to write really personal and intense lyrical content for the Hotel Books albums and the songs on Equivalency is no exception, theres not a single point in this release where he doesn’t deliver the lines with such emotion, and it’s what Hotel Books’ music is quite known for.

Compared to other Hotel Books albums this one seems to push the more soft instrumentals and a lot more of the spoken word elements theres not that many tracks that feature the whole band playing which is a shame because personally I would like to hear more of them considering how good the tracks Violent Smile and Celebration are, they are the most lively tracks on the album the track Celebration especially. Without the tracks Violent Smile and Celebration this album would really feel like Hotel Books stripped back, but as a whole Hotel Books is really more about the poetry then the instrumentals have the band play over Cameron Smith’s heartfelt words is like the cherry on top

The track Fears We Create features a guest spot from singer/songwriter Chase Huglin and this track sounds pretty standard for Hotel Books in the verses but the chorus where Chase Huglin is featured on is where this track really stands out. The orchestral elements of the track really do the track justice and along with Huglin’s vocals it adds a bit of a pop element. Another guest spot on this record comes from poet Chris Berntstorf on the track Take Very Little and this feels like quite an haunting track and towards the end where Berntstorf delivers his lines is where high point of the track.

Equivalency as a whole is a much more softer release from Hotel Books but the tracks on this record actually really do a great job of showing what Hotel Books is all about and even if it is the band’s fifth studio album, I feel it acts as a great introductory album for Hotel Books.


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