LIFETIGHT – Self-Tightled Review


LIFETIGHT – Self-Tightled
Label: Crooked Noise Records
Released: 3/11/17

LIFETIGHT show why they will take the hardcore scene by storm with their debut “Self-Tightled” EP.

If you aren’t aware of this band well you should be, LIFETIGHT are a four piece hardcore outfit based across the UK, this band are fairly new to the music scene introduced to the world in July with the single Energy it instantly gained the attention of UK hardcore scene

The track Energy starts off strong really setting the tone for the rest of the EP, it’s aggressive and so in your face but at the same time it promotes a positive message which is really the kind of thing this EP does a great job of doing throughout.

The rest of the EP is just full of insane highs each track they continuously raise the bar, theres not a single low point on this thing. Going into this I thought the having Energy as the single was giving away the best part of the EP but I couldn’t have been more wrong, it has riffs for days and along with tight grooves from the drums and bass, sprinkled Thomas Smith’s vocals together they are a force not to be reckoned with.

LIFETIGHT have made a statement with these four track and a very bold one too. Considering this band have only been around since July and played their first show at the end of September. 2017 has easily been their year and I see a very bright future ahead for these guys, and they’ve got the tunes to show why by putting out such big release in the smallest of packages.


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