Polaris – The Mortal Coil Review

a2973226650_10Polaris – The Mortal Coil
Released: 3/11/17
Label: SharpTone Records/Resist Records

Australian metalcore mob Polaris dropped their debut album earlier this month and is a nice little gem of 2017 that is really worth checking out.

The Mortal Coil is a great example of how this new modern metalcore sound can pulled off very well without sounding completely bland and generic. Polaris have found a great balance between the melodic and progressive areas of metalcore and it manages to maintain that constancy throughout most of this record. The opening tracks Lucid and The Remedy are so intense delivering big riffs and breakdowns that really hit you in the face when they drop, along with this another thing that does stick out is the bands ability to write a nice vocal hook I’d say the one that stuck out with me the most was in the track Relapse.

Half way through the album the track In Somnus Veritas kind of acts like an interlude for the album, clocking in at 2:22 it does contain a small vocal section towards the end this did sound pretty good however I felt like it was a section of the track that really didn’t need to be there it would’ve been fine as just an instrumental it features a clean melodic guitar section, before going into a very hard hitting and at the same time uplifting tune. The track after, Dusk To Day, is not really one of the albums best moments I would say that it sounds like a watered down version of Northlane’s newer material from the instrumental and vocals as I felt the cleans on this were very reminiscent to Marcus Bridge. But the album goes back into overdrive with the track Casualty then continuously continues to bring the intense vibe shown on the first half of the album.

I’d say that for a debut, this is such a solid release it has it’s highs and lows and being from Australia the home of bands such Parkway Drive, Northlane just to name a few, it seems like Polaris are heading the the right direction so that one day we can talk about them like we do with bands like Parkway. Theres certain areas on this album that will catch your attention and keep you hooked, it’s those moments that give this band so much hope in the future.


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