Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes – Rock City, Nottingham (6/12/18)

We were lucky to see Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes perform to a sold out Rock City as apart of their biggest UK headline shows to date, this is what happened on the night.

It was amazing to see Frank Carter bring so much intimacy to a venue of this scale which is not the easiest task in a room this big, after quite the anticipated entrance the band then wasted no time and kicked the set off with Primary Explosive one of there slower tracks however it’s just as loud and punk rock as the rest. What this night then involved was a hell of a lot of crowd surfing by both Carter and the audience, these guys managed to convey a type of energy that you’d probably expect from a small hot and sweaty club show.


During his performance of Wild Flowers he dedicated the track to all the women in the audience that night speaking about the current state of the live music scene for women as there have been many incidents this year which have involved women being sexually harassed at shows, this then led to a sea of women crowdsurfing and making their way on the stage that night in a massive stage invasion, it really did deliver such a positive message. Frank Carter proved that he was more than just a singer on the night, he proved how much of a frontman he is showing so much charm and charisma, this is a man who knows how to work a crowd.

As the lights dimmed down and the audience raised their phone torches Carter delivered a speech and then treated us to a different rendition of the track Loss which is one of the bands most powerful and energetic tracks they have however this version on the night was a more stripped back rendition featuring which had Frank Carter’s emotional vocals backed by a piano.


The Rattlesnakes ‘closed’ the set with Paradise which was actually dedicated to those who had lost their lives this year due to recent terrorist attacks within live shows and calling these terrorists out, referring to them as “Coward fucking scum” which is off course a line from the track. The band then returned to the stage for a four song encore which was received very well but they then ended the night with the track I Hate You which got the biggest pop of the night, Frank Carter had the audience in the palm of his hand as they sang along word for word. (It’s also worth noting that Carter dedicated the track to a man in the audience who had given a girl a black during the night)

It is safe to say that in the three years they’ve been together Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes are very deserving of playing rooms like these, not only do they pack them out but they make everyone feel like they are apart of the performance.


Words – Jared Gopal

Photo – Corrine Rowell

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