Asking Alexandria – Asking Alexandria Review

Asking-Alexandria-album-coverAsking Alexandria – Asking Alexandria
Released: 15/12/17
Label: Sumerian Records

Danny Warsnop left Asking Alexandria back in 2015 and was gone for over a year, he kept busy during that time recording and touring with We Are Harlot and even releasing his solo material. For Asking Alexandria they ended up recruiting vocalist Dennis Stoff, recording The Black album and still keeping the torch lit however when he departed it was almost the end of the band. Now they are back with Danny and have just released their fifth studio album showing they no signs of stopping now, this is Asking Alexandria’s comeback record.

As soon as the first (Alone In A Room) track kicks in you can see how Asking Alexandria are trying to dip back into their metalcore roots a little bit with some of the electronic elements, it’s also a first look of the bands new songwriting direction as it seems they’ll write these pop style verse which then lead into a big chorus which you do see a lot of during the record, tracks like Into The Fire, Where Did It Go?, Under Denver are good examples of this style songwriting being executed well.

Where Did It Go? does stick out as it features Danny Worsnop actually rapping during the verses really trying to prove he is the jack of all trades when it comes to his vocal abilities. It really feels like he is trying to push his voice a lot more on this record just trying out loads of different things such as the rapping, experimenting with different vocal melodies, and even the screaming as well.

Although theres not much of it on this record the screaming on this is just as loud and aggressive as the early days tracks like Rise Up and Eve will really show you, the track Eve especially  because if anyone remembers the ‘I Am Inequity’ teasers and this is probably the Asking Alexandria you wanted, I feel this is a track to shut down haters of the band I think this track contains some of Danny’s best screams, old and new fans alike this a track I feel everyone will find common ground on.

There are a few tracks on this thing which I feel don’t really show off Asking Alexandria at their best, I can name a few tracks on this which are worth skipping and would probably be better off as forgotten B-Sides in all honesty. The track Vultures is an acoustic track featuring string sections and light percussion which I think is one of the most boring tracks on this along with When the Lights Come On which sounds very similar to Fall Out Boy’s newer material. The track Empire I feel didn’t really have much business being on here, it’s straight up a pop rock track featuring rapper Bingx.

I know for a fact people will probably not like this new direction Asking Alexandria are taking and some which might vibe it. When listening to this album, I found it hard to come to a solid conclusion to be honest, I do know however when first listening, it wasn’t love at first sight it did take me a couple more play-throughs to appreciate some of the tracks.

It’s not a bad album because there are some goods tracks on here which I would say are better than other previous releases but there are also tracks on here that just did not grow on me, overall I’d say this is not Asking Alexandria’s best work to date but still a good effort.


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