Canvas – The Hairy Dog, Derby (12/1/18)

We had the opportunity to hit up The Hairy Dog in Derby to check one of the best rising post-hardcore acts in the UK right now, Canvas. Now originally this tour was supposed to be a co-headliner with Create To Inspire but they unfortunately had to drop out of the whole tour due to a family emergency, which left Canvas as the main headliners for the rest of the tour.

revealer_3Opening up tonight’s show was local support Revealer, (who are actually based in Burton on Trent) I must say these guys were by far a massive highlight of the night and put on an absolute killer performance, I could easily sum these guys up in one word and that is Filth. They were by far the heaviest band on the bill that night and had this new progressive/technical/groove sound that has been creeping it’s way into the metal/alternative music scene with bands such as Loathe and Lotus Eater. Revealer are a perfect example of the way where this genre should be heading, I was extremely impressed with each member of this band the drumming and guitar work was so technical and it all just seemed to sync really well, vocalist Alex Griffiths that night also showed off an impressive vocal range and it was his lows that pushed these songs. Revealer are definitely on the grasp of something really special they are one of very few bands right now that are really pulling off this new heavy sound and they deserve the success that comes with it.

skywalker_3Out of all the bands that night it was Skywalker who were the furthest from home, travelling all the way from Czech Republic bringing the hardcore vibes with them on the night. These guys had a sound which consisted of a nice blend of hardcore riffs and breakdowns and combining them with more softer vocal melodies almost sounding quite pop-punk like, it was great post-hardcore sound which didn’t sound so generic it sounded a lot more new and fresh. If there was an award given for most jumping in a live set it would definitely go to Skywalker, they were the most energetic band of that night just aching to let loose.


Since Create to Inspire had to pull out of these shows it was left to Canvas to close out the night and did not disappoint in the slightest, their set consisted of most their debut album Worry and the raw emotion you hear on the record was replicated just well live. Vocalist Ricky Clark really does have a unique scream when compared to how it sounds on the record it is pitch perfect and are just as intense. The band went the extra mile when it came to production, with the use of strobe lighting and flood lights it all fit the aesthetic that Canvas has and it showcases the amount effort the band do put into their live shows with small additions like that as it can go along way, making the live show a little bit more of a better experience.


I would say that Canvas really did leave their mark in Derby that night, they say that they are “a band of worry” however if they continue on with making these great tunes and keep putting on killer performances, I’d go on to say there shouldn’t be a single worry in sight. They have just proven why they are one of the best post-hardcore bands to come out of the UK right now.

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