Of Mice and Men – Defy Review


Of Mice and Men – Defy
Released: 19/1/2018 | Rise Records

Of Mice and Men have had a bit of a rocky road these past couple years just months after releasing their album Cold World back in 2016 we saw the departure of original vocalist Austin Carlile due to serious health conditions, we didn’t know what the future for OMAM looked like however they decided to continue waving the flag staying together as a four piece with bassist/clean vocalist Aaron Pauley taking over vocal duties full time.

It sounds like Of Mice and Men have really taken great influence from the stuff we’ve heard on Restoring Force and have really tried to develop on it more. This record is full of powerful riffs, great melodies, choruses with a lot of hooks that you will be singing along to by the last chorus. This album really does showcase Aaron Pauley vocal talent, delivering some of his best clean vocals and showing off what a powerful scream he has especially on tracks like Defy, Instincts and On The Inside.

Money, the Pink Floyd classic reworked and reimagined by the OMAM crew, I thought it was quite an odd track to go on to the record you’d think a cover would act as a standalone single or even a B-side. However the band have definitely taken their own spin on the track and have done a bit of justice, it could potentially bring in new fans for both Pink Floyd and OMAM.

The track Warzone is one of the more darker sounding tracks on the album, but it is easily shadowed by the track Forever YDG’n and rightly so as it has parts which are heavier and just as powerful as that whole track, combine that with that classic OMAM chorus hook that only they could make it makes one hell of a track (FFO Breakdowns: this features the best breakdown on the album) The album then ends with the track If We Were Ghosts which closes the album on a more softer note, this track happens to be a tribute to Chester Bennington(Linkin Park) and knowing this makes an already great song just feel a little bit more special.

Defy has shown that Aaron Pauley is more than capable of being the new face of the band and that having some of that sound from Restoring Force has really gone in the band’s favour, bringing back some the vibe of that album has really helped the band deliver a set of really solid tunes without making a complete copycat version of Restoring Force.


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