Don Broco – Technology Review

105370.jpegDon Broco – Technology
Released: 2/2/18 | SharpTone Records

Don Broco bringing a whole new vibe to this album, Technology shows the band bringing a more heavier sound, and at the same still experimenting with with other various styles including pop and even exploring some 80’s synth.

Most of the album is very energetic, but first listen the album doesn’t completely win me over, I still enjoyed quiet a few of the tracks but some took longer than others to fully grip. The band have been inspired by quite a lot modern topics which are very relevant today, such as social media on the track Technology which opens up the album and the band even touch up on Brexit on the track Something To Drink which is something that has effected the country in a big way.

Come Out To LA one of the previous singles, an infectious pop track which has the best chorus on the album, has quite negative themes but hides them with the uplifting instrumentals. Everybody, this is a track which you will definitely find on the bands greatest hits record if there ever is one, its got such big sound to it they’ve managed to write an anthem which should be played in arenas. I would also put Tightrope under this category as well, it’s quite an intense and emotional track which is inspired by personal experiences with Rob Damiani’s (vocalist) family.

Some of the lyrical content didn’t really won me over that much either, quite a lot of it is quite tongue and cheeky which I understand as it is one of the bands trademarks that makes them a little bit different than the competition but there are times where it sounds a bit boring and quite dry.

Technology in my opinion contains quite of lot of Don Broco’s best work but there’s also quite lot of this record that would be worth skipping. The new heavier sound they are bringing is working for them and shows the progression on their songwriting capabilities.


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