Loathe & Holding Absence – This Is As One Review

Loathe-Holding-Absence-This-Is-As-One-Artwork.jpgLoathe & Holding Absence – This Is As One
Released: 16/2/18 | SharpTone Records

Whats better than two of the best bands in the UK releasing music? It’s when they release it together. Loathe and Holding Absence are two of the UK’s best bands around at the moment and they’ve just released a Split EP that is a strong contender for one of the best releases of 2018.

This EP wastes no time getting it’s hands dirty kicking things off is Loathe’s White Hot and it’s just so raw and aggressive from the start to end and has a trademark sound that only perfected by this band, the verses are so violent with the crushing and down tuned guitar riffs which then lead into a more melodic and smooth chorus which can be compared to the likes of Deftones. With the few seconds of feedback at the very end of the track it then leads into Servant And Master which is much darker and heavier this track however introduces more of the electronic elements that Loathe sometimes like to incorporate into their music, this track has bridge section which contains what can only be described as robotic sounding vocal line which then leads into an epic and just massive sounding breakdown followed with Kadeem France’s insane screams.

Up next we have Holding Absence bringing their unique blend of melodic/post-hardcore sound although it might not be as aggressive as the offerings from Loathe, Holding Absence prove that they’ve still got enough in their arsenal to capture your attention. We can’t talk about Holding Absence and not mention the set of lungs on vocalist Lucas Woodland as he continues to amaze us with his vocal ability I’d say out of the two tracks Everything really helps show how wide Woodland’s vocal range is. Saint Cecilia shows the band going along at quite a fast pace but I would say it doesn’t quite bring the feels like Everything but this is more of a bouncy and energetic tracks which is why it was perfect to introduce the Holding Absence section with it.

This Is As One brings a lot to the table in such a small package, this thing clocks in at around 17 minutes and within that time it really just shows how diverse these two bands can be. It really is a perfect summary of the amazing material that some bands in the UK are producing right now. This EP is a perfect introduction to both these bands and has a little something for everyone.


Loathe and Holding Absence will be hitting the UK on a co-headlining tour which will feature various supports from some of the UK’s best underground talent right now including bands such as Modern Error, LIFETIGHT, Parting Gift and many more, you do not want to miss out on this tour.


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