Giver – When The Cycle Breaks Review

a0162750561_10.jpgGiver – When The Cycle Breaks
Released: 26/1/18 | Holy Roar Records

German melodic hardcore outfit Giver have been grinding the past couple years releasing two EP’s and playing as many shows around as they can to draw up as much hype as possible for the band and back in January they released their debut full length record and it’s got a few tricks up it’s sleeve.

Opening track Shock of the Fall is a perfect introduction for this record, it packs a punch from the start giving you the person listening a good exception of what is yet to come from this record as this album only gets more faster and aggressive moving forward, it is melodic in some areas but this record really edges towards the hardcore side of things.

Riff after riff this album just flows so well and with it and just gets your attention they manage to keep that fast pace classic hardcore style throughout the record and keep it sounding fresh. You can really sense a heavy influence of classic hardcore and punk rock on this thing which adds a small bit of nostalgia to such a new record. A lot of different themes are covered within the lyrical content of this record including climate change which is seen on a couple tracks specifically No World to Come and What You Don’t Love.

Coming out quite early in the year When The Cycle Breaks is definitely a stand out release this year that’s worth checking out. Giver really have given me hope in the Hardcore genre as whole, they aren’t doing things that are much different than other bands today, they are doing it much better and are doing it right.


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