Loathe & Holding Absence – The Bodega, Nottingham (6/3/2018)

loathe3Two of the UK’s best rising bands went on a tour together and it was as good as you think it is. Loathe and Holding Absence are on the top of their game right now and having recently release their split EP This Is As One both band went out on the road to show everyone just how good they are, we were lucky enough to catch them at The Bodega in Nottingham this is what went down.


One great thing about this tour is that every date has a different line up and opening up  Nottingham were local pop punk outfit Catch Fire and luckily they got to perform to a decent turnout with quite a few people turning up early. I may have lost you at the term local pop punk outfit but fear not this wasn’t one of those Blink 182 wannabe pop punk bands, Catch Fire had that modern pop punk sound that we see bands like The Story So Far and Real Friends doing. They did kind of feel like the odd ones out on the bill being pop punk but they did it justice and pulled through putting one a good performance.


Up next we had Modern Error a band who have literally been playing their first shows whilst on this tour and Nottingham was their second ever show, and they were a big highlight of the night.  Unfortunately they had to have their set cut short only playing about three tracks however those three tracks were absolute bangers, I really got some old school Underoath vibes from these guys, they played their latest single Blackout Poetry and it did see some of the crowd banging their heads. We’ve mentioned these guys before and they are definitely ones to keep an eye on this year.

loathe2As the crowd starting moving forward it was time for Loathe took to the stage as the penultimate act of the evening. As the band took to the stage you just knew they were going to shake things up a lot, they opened up the set with Servant and Master taken from the split, it was reworked a little bit as it then led into It’s Yours. The bands performance during the start of the set was let down a little bit due to technical difficulties but as the night went on things did get better and we were actually able to hear vocalist Kadeem France aggressive roar, as he screams every lyric so intensely. Guitarist Erik Bickerstaffe also stuck out within the performance as he absolutely destroyed his clean parts and his backing screams were on par with Kadeem’s but when it came to Bickerstaffe’s vocals they were delivered in a way where he almost looked quite intimidating it really did help bring out the best performance. Their set was quite spread out across the board obviously playing both tracks from split and a lot of The Cold Sun and even playing a few bits from the Prepare Consume Proceed EP. Loathe have definitely orchestrated the perfect set and with the addition of their two monitors playing dark visuals, it was really a nice little touch that made a good performance. No matter how big or small the venue it was clear that Loathe went above and beyond to put on a show to remember and thats exactly what they did.

holdingabsenceClosing the evening the leaders in this new wave of post hardcore, This is Holding Absence. When This Is As One was release we got to hear another side of Holding Absence and to see it live was a real treat. The Bodega was packed and it did look like a majority of the audience was there to see them, for a band that does really have much material they really have a dedicated fanbase. From a style of music that sounded completely to Loathe the bands energy sure didn’t make it feel that way Frontman Lucas Woodland had the voice and the attitude on stage like a wild frontman tracks such as Permanent and Heaven Knows saw him basically throwing himself around the stage. It wasn’t just the way they represented themselves on stage that stuck out, Holding Abensce’s music really did speak for itself they have not only managed to craft these masterpieces but also deliver them live ten times better as well. Holding Absence are really just one of those bands that really do come across completely different when heard live, this performance has shown that they are one of the best live bands around today and I personally cannot wait till they start headlining bigger stages with these tracks and hopefully some new ones.

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