Underoath – Erase Me Review

Underoath – Erase Me

Released: 6/4/18 | Fearless Records

It’s the comeback album people have ben waiting for since their break up in 2013, Underoath are back and ready to kick thing up a notch with their latest record Erase Me.

The album starts off pretty strong with the track It Has To Start Somewhere, it’s not the best track on this thing but it’s one that grabs your attention and leaves you wanting to know what the rest of the album is going to sound like. Hold Your Breath, On My Teeth and In Motion are some of the better tracks on the album that are definitely worth your time, it’s the best example of Underoath pulling off the new direction they are heading, theres nothing nostalgic about those tracks which shows the band are capable of making new tunes and not having to rely on their old sound/style.

For this album there are a lot of areas that I personally feel let the album down tracks like Wake Me and Bloodlust, theres nothing quite special about these track other than the fact they are worth skipping. Some of this record feels very reminiscent to vocalist Spencer Chamberlian side project Sleepwave, you can tell that some of his work with Sleepwave is reflected in the final product specifically on tracks like Rapture and ihateit.

I do have to say this about the record, this is not a copy cat record of Define The Great Line or They’re Only Chasing Safety and I wouldn’t really say it’s a progression of the sound of those record as it just brings a whole new vibe, and if your heart is dead set on that era of Underoath this record may not be for you, and if you fall into this category of Underoath fan you will be disappointed to hear that their is much less Aaron Gillespie on vocals however his drumming performance on the record is still as good as previous records.

I do have to say that Erase Me does have a nice bunch of tracks however there are a lot of areas that are worth skipping and fall a bit short to certain expectations.


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