Code Orange – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (15/4/2018)

co3During their time over in the UK with Trivium, hardcore heroes Code Orange managed to squeeze in a few headline shows and we were lucky enough to see them in Nottingham as they bought the hurt to Rescue Rooms.

There is a reason Code Orange are the biggest thing in hardcore right now after putting out an album like Forever you can’t not fault the talent that this band has and they also had a killer performance to back it up. Most of the setlist on the night was of course from the Forever album with a few bits from I Am King, but we were actually treated to the live debut of the bands latest single Only One Way which was a nice little touch to set. I’m amazed sometimes how Jami Morgan can keep up his drum and vocal performance at a high standard and combined Reba Meyers screams and cleans these two are an unstoppable force.


The energy levels on this night were absolutely insane specifically from both the band and the audience in attendance, at one point bassist Joe Goldman dived straight into the audience and some how they managed to hold him up their heads. From the first track the crowd weren’t shy of throwing a punch they just continuously kept the vibe strong that night, the only break they had was when they played Bleeding In The Blur which is one of the bands less chaotic tracks however it still had the crowd moving and as far as sing alongs go this one got the biggest pop of the night.

This was a show that had high expectations and they were certainly met, Code Orange have put one of the most memorable performances of this year and in years to come this will be one of those shows you wish you were at.

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