Employed To Serve – The Cookie, Leicester (17/5/2018)

Leicester’s premier indie venue played host to some of the UK’s hottest heavy bands, as Employed To Serve hit up The Cookie and tore it a new one.

With an already stacked line up for the tour we were treated to an extra band on the night as the show had a local(ish) opener in the form of Let It Die from Kettering, and with the opening slots they wasted no time tearing the place up with their extreme style of heavy music, these guys were fast and had a few riffs in between and definitely got the crowd warmed up.

IMG_4876 copyAfter the face melting we received from Let It Die, up next were God Complex who are one of the UK’s hottest and newest heavy bands around right now. Creating a noise just so chaotic and unique blending so many different styles of metal including death metal, hardcore and deathcore. If you are loving heavy bands like Loathe, you will fall in love with these guys.

IMG_4895 copyThe penultimate band of the evening Conjurer, who just continued the raise the bar on the night. Their whole set was just full of tunes that you could headbang to from start to finish, one highlight during the whole set was the vocal talent the dual vocals really bought the best out of the performance.

IMG_5008 copy

Having just experienced great heavy bands, the audience in attendance still had enough energy in them to really get down to Employed To Serve, they played most of their latest record The Warmth Of A Dying Sun. The band were very brave performing in a basement wearing windbreakers for the entire set meaning everyone in that room broke a sweat.

The set had riffs for days, dirty breakdowns, along with raw and punishing vocals courtesy of Justine Jones proving why she is one of the best front-women in the heavy/alternative music scene. The environment of the venue along with the music was just perfect creating a true hardcore vibe, many punches were thrown, there was attempts at crowdsurfing and there was full of singalongs with fans screaming word for word.

It is very safe to say that this is the heaviest show to come from The Cookie for a while and we hope to see more in the future.

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