Trash Boat – Crown Shyness Review

Trash Boat – Crown Shyness
Released: 20/7/18 | Label: Hopeless Records

Trash Boat have released the follow up to their highly successful 2016 record Nothing I Write You Can Change What I’ve Been Through. The new record Crown Shyness shows change for Trash Boat and it seems to be working well for them.

This record has a lot of tricks up it’s sleeve and it even opens up with a post-hardcore anthem with the track Inside Out, the riff followed by the constant beat of the snare drum really creates a hyped vibe for the rest of the record.

The album still has it’s fair share of aggressive moments the band still have a few pit worthy tracks such as Contolled Burn and Silence. Silence definitely feels like a track that would go down really well live.

Theres quite a few moments on this record that really do feel quite personal you can definitely see this in the track Old Soul, which actually uses mental health as the theme, vocalist Tobi Duncan really uses this track to try showcase how many different things he can do with his voice.

The album also take a massive dip on the title track Crown Shyness which an acoustic track and shows that the band are capable making songs that turn things down a little bit.

Trash Boat manage to come through with a modern alternative/punk sound that makes them stand out from other bands within that scene and Crown Shyness has only gone and proved this further, this record is full of tracks for everyone you may find some that won’t be your cup of tea but you will also come out of listening to this with a new favourite song.


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