God Complex – Created Sick Review

God Complex – Created Sick 

Released: 5/10/18 | Venn Records

FFO: Loathe, Venom Prison, Lotus Eater, Employed To Serve

Hailing from Merseyside, God Complex are one of the UK’s brand new heavy exports and having formed around a year ago, they’ve just dropped their debut EP. God Complex are apart of this new wave of hardcore which is just so intense and diverse, God Complex are a prime example of how being so experimental really can really pay off.

This EP does go by quite quick it clocks in around 12 minutes but it’s one hell of an experience, the title/opening track Created Sick is a 1:15 track which is pure hype which is then followed by Breeding Filth which feels like such an anthem, the riff is this track has a bit of a hook to it. 

Throughout this EP God Complex have managed to fit in so much noise from so many various genres within metal in such a small space of time, listening to Harry Rule’s (vocalist) screaming on this really feels like there is a lot of hate and anger that just get released on these tracks.

This EP is one of the most chaotic releases you’ll hear this year and is really one that is not to be missed out on, 12 minutes of your day that will not be wasted.


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