LIVE REVIEW: Loathe – Asylum 2, Birmingham 11/2/2020

What do you do when release album of the year?
You tour the damn thing and expose it to as many people as possible.

The band kicked things off with a couple of tracks from the new record (I Let It In and It Took Everything) as they opened up with Red Room which starts of as one of the bands more ambient tracks before it hits you with the aggressive energy and from that moment Loathe had the audience in the palm of their hands.


From there the bands set bounced back and forth through their discography they have some how managed to craft the prefect set, at this point in their career they’ve released 2 full lengths and 2 EP’s (one of which only had two tracks by them) so not only did they include their ‘hits’ there were some deep cuts from The Cold Sun and Prepare Consume Proceed EP.

One thing that makes Loathe stand out in the scene is their ability to write a hook and this night had singalongs for days to the point where they are singing over Erik Bickerstaffe (guitarist/vocalist), the ones that stick out the most would be Two-Way Mirror, White Hot and Aggressive Evolution. Kadeem France (vocalist) was also on point that night as well this album has really shown how far he can push his voice and he can replicate it just as good live.

Loathe were not holding back anything for this tour as the production on this run has been immense, for those that have previously seen Loathe live they may have seen the dual screens which would project visuals which they have continued to do creating a new visuals to accompany this new set along with a crazy programmed light show which really goes a long way especially when the band are playing these smaller 200-300 cap rooms.


The band ended the evening with The Cold Sun which lead into It’s Yours just like on the album, (this was the former intro track for their set) the perfect way to end what was quite one of the best live experiences these people had witnessed.

Loathe are on the cusp of something very big they just simply destined for greater things and their live show only goes further to prove that point. If we could give you any advice it’s that you NEED to see this band live


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