Crowded Music and COVID-19

This a post that we didn’t want to make but in the back of our heads we knew was coming.

With all thats been happening in the world right now due to COVID-19 we here at Crowded Music have had no option to postpone our current shows with We Never Learned To Live (which was set to happen this Thursday) and Cattle Decapitation (our biggest show to date you can read full statements from both bands below:


“We regret to confirm that we will be postponing our upcoming headline shows this week.
As we’re sure is the case with everyone else, we’ve been keeping a close eye on events as they have unfolded, and have been trying to figure out if these shows should go ahead as planned, and to make sure we make the best decision for everyone involved.
Sadly this decision has been taken out of our hands somewhat as Seán has now developed mild symptoms consistent with COVID-19. It may be completely unrelated, but without any testing for mild cases currently, we cannot be certain, and therefore the only sensible and responsible course of action is for us to postpone these shows and for him to continue to self-isolate. Seán is in a bit of discomfort, and certainly wouldn’t be in a position to perform, but all things considered him and his family are generally doing fine, and more than anything wanting to take sensible precautions and do the right thing for public health.
We are already working with our team and promoters to rescheduled the shows, and promise we will be back as soon as public health allows!
Big love, and look after yourselves!

“From even the greatest of horrors irony is seldom absent” – H.P. Lovecraft

Cattle Decapitation will not “Bring Back The Plague” to European soil this March/ April due to Coronavirus and restrictions being placed by governments that are already “plaguing” other upcoming tours and events. It seems Mother Nature is well ahead of us so we regretfully have to “pull the plug” on this tour. We are looking into rescheduling the same tour for later in the year. Cattle Decapitation along with Disentomb, Internal Bleeding and Gloom hope everyone stays safe and civil and wish to see you at the future makeup dates.

This has also left the bands involved with debts and an uncertain immediate future. If you feel like helping, the bands would appreciate a visit to their respective merch stores. Thank you for your support and understanding in this matter!

Internal Bleeding:
Cattle Decapitation:


We are working on rescheduling these shows however we will be giving refunds out for both shows incase that they don’t go ahead. If you purchased a ticket from our bigcartel you will be receiving a refund of the face value for the ticket, if you have purchased a ticket from Gigantic Tickets (or The Y Theatre for Cattle Decap.) please contact them directly as their ticket operation is completely separate from us.

We cannot apologise enough for this, as cancelling these shows was the last resort. We’ve seen many peers of ours not just in the scene but the music industry as a whole really suffer from this. Bands, promotors, agents, crew all now out of pocket and losing work because of it so what we do ask is that when you do get a refund for these shows go out and pick up a shirt, CD just any bit of merch to support your favourite artist as in times like this it’ll really go along way even if it just helps them recoup a fraction of their costs.

This hasn’t killed us and it never will, support one another

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