Music Venue Trust launch #saveourvenues

Music Venue Trust (MVT) have launched a new campaign called ‘Save Our Venues’ in order to help over 500 grassroots music venues in the UK that are facing economic threats.

The campaign is a follow up from last months ‘Grassroots Music Venues Crisis Fund’ which managed to raise over £182,000, this campaign is being renamed the #saveourvenues fund which will see the campaign expand raising money for individual venues.

Artists are being encouraged to go to the campaign’s website if they want to help their local venue in anyway, they can access “the tools and guidance to perform an ‘at home’ gig in support of that particular venue.”

The 500+ venues will each have their own crowdfunding page on the site “with a clear target of the funds it needs to raise to stay afloat throughout this difficult period” once a venue has reached their specific target any extra revenue made will go to the #saveourvenues fund which can potentially help out other struggling venues.

Here at Crowded Music we NEED these venues in order to continue doing what we love, we’ve loved going to these venues even before Crowded became a thing. For those that aren’t aware of who we are, we’re based in Leicester so thats why we want to specifically ask you to support our friends at The Shed and The Soundhouse (as of now The Cookie does have a link yet however we will update this with one when they sort as they are also good friends of ours)

We’ve included links below where you can donate to the venues, every little helps during this difficult time.


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